How to get Free Megaupload Premium using MegaFix + Firefox

Megafix 1.2 + Firefox = Megaupload Premium Happy Hour


MegaFix 1.2 is a Megaupload Toolbar emulator for Firefox. This add-on is better for get a FREE Megaupload PREMIUM account «HAPPY HOUR» with a simple click, without install the Megaupload Toolbar.


Every day between 9:00PM – 3:00AM EST (21:00 to 03:00 hrs GMT -5)

How to:

  1. Sign up for a free Megaupload membership account here.
  2. Install Firefox addon – MegaFix 1.2 from here (require sign up) or here.
  3. Log into
  4. Enable MegaFix and Enable Premium HappyHour (6 full hours).
    MegaFix Premium Happy Hour
  5. Download as usual, but with unlimited simultaneous downloads and without captchas. Yep you can use any download manager you prefer.

Note: The Premium Happy Hour only works in the US (require US IP address). If your outside the US you can still use the AOL 9.0/9.1 Software or any Anonymous US Proxy to start the Happyhour Premium.

For more information or help, visit the MegaFix Forums.

Greeting from México and Happy Hollidays…

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